Sunrise beaming over Wisconsin State Capitol Building in distance and a treelined Bascom Hill in foreground.

The Wisconsin Research, Innovation and Scholarly Excellence (RISE) Initiative is designed to help address significant, complex challenges of particular importance to Wisconsin and the world, through accelerated and strategic faculty hiring, research infrastructure enhancement, interdisciplinary collaboration and increased student and educational opportunities.

Headshot of Jennifer Mnookin.The University of Wisconsin–Madison has always upheld its responsibility to innovate for the public good, a principle no less central to the university’s mission now than it was when the Wisconsin Idea was articulated nearly 120 years ago. As the grand challenges of the 21st century come into focus, so do the opportunities for a university with UW–Madison’s breadth and depth to muster interdisciplinary research, education and action to rise and meet them. That is what the RISE initiative is designed to do.

RISE will focus our university on areas in which interdisciplinary approaches to complex problems can yield great benefits for our state and society. Problems aren’t confined to a single discipline, nor can the solutions be. Audacious, interdisciplinary inquiry leading to groundbreaking discovery and education is what Wisconsin RISE is intended to spark.

Jennifer L. Mnookin, Chancellor

Questions or ideas?

UW-Madison students, faculty and staff: If you have an idea about a strong possible focus area for Wisconsin RISE, we invite you to share it. NetID required.

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